We aim to provide a one-stop guide to an area where Internet users can find out all they want: the places to go, the things to see, what they can do there – and the products and services available. It means that someone searching for information will no longer have to spend hours in search engines looking for individual pages on museums or property or hotels or …

Our pages are kept simple: the same layout specially designed to load fast into the computer – something that many thousands of users already appreciate as our electronic postbag shows. Because we use a standard layout a user quickly feels at home in any 123VOYAGE site and can find his or her way round easily.

Every 123VOYAGE site is published in the native language of the country and in English.

123VOYAGE sites are commercial sites, supported by advertising revenue.

We are looking for partners to launch 123VOYAGE sites in their areas. If you are interested, read on…


If you want to run a 123VOYAGE site you should be prepared to put in substantial effort to create a guide to your area which will appeal to the Internet user. That means a lot of research, writing and photographing. And then you have to sell the site to potential advertisers.

We provide the software for generating the site and full backup. You do NOT have to program or be used to writing in HTML, the format of Internet pages.

Each 123VOYAGE partner is entirely responsible for running his or her site: the editorial, the commercial development and relations with your users.


If you feel you have what it takes to create and launch a 123VOYAGE site and would like to know more then E-mail us. The future is out there…

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