Welcome to a different kind of travel site – 123VOYAGE

Our first site was on the South West of France, adjacent
to the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic ocean – one of the most beautiful
regions in the whole of Europe. Now we have added the South and SouthWest of
England and we are growing … Watch this space!

The 123Voyage Visitors Centre is where you can have your say. Tell us (and the world) about what you made you laugh, what made you cry in your travels. There’s a section for you to contribute your own articles about thinhs we haven’t included yet, and if we like them we’ll add them to the site with your by-line. There is also a gallery for your photos – and again we’ll add them to the main site with an acknowledgement if we like them.

What is 123Voyage?

It is a guide where we provide editorial about an area and local people can advertise their products – hotels, other places to stay, local services and products. We aim to provide you with the means to explore an area in a single Internet site. Find out before you visit an area what is on offer, what interests you. Armed with this information you can print your own personalised guide for your visit, book your flights or ferry passage, your car, your accommodation, all without having to leave this site.

This site is a growing entity, we will be updating it regularly and we are actively searching for comments and ideas (and partners). If you think that we’ve missed something out or have something wrong send us your comments using the comments box at the bottom of the appropriate page.